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Researching the new Nissan Altima? See how it stacks up with our competitor comparisons here at Team Nissan North!

At Team Nissan North, we take great pride in serving the needs of savvy car shoppers here in Lebanon, NH and nearby Hanover, Claremont, Newport, NH. We love it when our customers ask the hard questions and shop around, because we firmly believe that the Nissan vehicles we have to offer are among the most compelling and dynamic on the market today. What's more, we're not above putting our money where our mouths are in that regard, as you'll see with the competitive comparisons between our Nissan vehicles and their competitors right here on our website.


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Nissan Midnight Edition adds style and edge to some of the most popular new Nissan cars here at Team Nissan North!

If you're anything like many of us here at Team Nissan North, then your car isn't just a means of transportation, but also an extension of your own personal style. You want a car that doesn't just perform well on the road, but also stands out from the crowd. And with the fresh design of the all-new Nissan Midnight Edition models for sale here at Team Nissan North, you'll be able to turn heads wherever you go.


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Looking for your family's next ride? Come see what our new Nissan vehicles have to offer here at Team Nissan North

Got a growing family here in Lebanon? If so, then you know that having a means of transportation thats comfortable, capable, and above all, safe is absolutely essential. Luckily, you'll find plenty of new Nissan models that tick all the boxes on your family's wish list right here at Team Nissan North, and we'd love the chance to get help you find the perfect one!


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Forward Emergency Braking in the Nissan Altima

Sometimes when you’re driving, things suddenly come up ahead of you in the road that you just didn’t expect, or that completely catches you off guard. Your natural inclination is to slam on the brakes to prevent a collision, and to feel lucky that nothing bad actually happened after. But what if there were another safer, more built-in way of making sure that complete stop with always be there, every time?

In steps the Forward Emergency Braking System, a part of the Nissan Intelligent Safety Shield Technologies.

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