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Welcome Canadian Customers!

Did you know how easy it is for you to purchase a car from Team Nissan North and bring it across the border into Canada?  Here's how it works:

1.        Get the price all set - you will find that we are VERY easy to work with!  A 20-day permit fee, $499 admin fee and any other applicable fees will be added to price and fully disclosed.

2.        The 20-day trip permit goes in your rear view window and acts as a temporary license to get you through the to the states.

3.         You do not pay New Hampshire state sales tax when you provide the right documentation.
Such as Passport, Driver's License or any official picture ID

4.        We will need to collect some personal information: your name, address and other essentials; so that we can send the proper documentation to the border.

5.        We then send the title to the border crossing and get the confirmation date handled for you to legally cross. This takes 72 hours because customs needs to ensure that the vehicle is not stolen and the title is legitimate.  Also, they need to record that there is no lien on the vehicle. We keep our titles in house, so this process is a simple one for us. There is also a recall letter that we will have ready for you when you come in to pick up the vehicle. The border will not allow a newly purchased vehicle to cross if there is an open recall on it. For your convenience, here are a few recommended border crossings: