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The GT-R is assuredly the most track-oriented car of any of its competitors. Nissan has revealed the 2015 version of its sports car and it gets a revised rear end, redesigned head and taillights, and new interior trim. A separate control panel activates a series of performance pages where you can display everything from engine temperature and boost to g-meters for cornering and acceleration forces.

Powering the Nissan GT-R

Most of the revisions are under the skin, although the twin-turbo 545-horsepower 3.8-liter V-6 returns. Nissan says the GT-R's suspension has been tuned for better stability and grip, and that braking calibrations have also been retuned for a more firm, linear feel. The steering has also been tweaked to reduce effort at low speeds, Nissan says. The hand-assembled engine, this one made and signed by Nobumitsu Gozu, one of four engine builders who hand-make the GT-R's twin-turbo power plant, is mated to a dual-clutch six-speed automatic transmission that sends power to all four wheels, with a bias toward the rear.

The 2015 GT-R's Design

Outside, it'll be tough to tell the old one from the new model. The biggest change is to the headlights and taillights, which use more LEDs for a more dynamic look. The front headlights also feature a new adaptive lighting system; Nissan says it automatically adapts the angle of the light beam to the speed of the car and can project the beam farther. Unlike many high-performance cars, the GT-R is roomy inside with plenty of space for the two front occupants and enough room to squeeze children or adults of smaller stature into the two rear seats, if the front seats are moved forward. The GT-R has a surprisingly large trunk for a sports car, able to swallow 8.8 cubic feet of gear in a trunk that is decently deep.


Ride quality has never been a GT-R strong point, but Nissan claims it has worked on that as well, and that the 2015 model offers a smoother, more refined ride. The automaker also claims that vibrations have been dampened and noise levels muted. For more information on this vehicle, feel free to give us a call today!

Learn more about this model on the Official Nissan GT-R Website.

Features of the 2015 Nissan GT-R

  • New 600-hp Nismo version
  • Recalibrated suspension
  • New LED headlights
  • Six-speed dual-clutch transmission
  • Rear-biased all-wheel drive

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