Forward Emergency Braking in the Nissan Altima

Sometimes when you’re driving, things suddenly come up ahead of you in the road that you just didn’t expect, or that completely catches you off guard. Your natural inclination is to slam on the brakes to prevent a collision, and to feel lucky that nothing bad actually happened after. But what if there were another safer, more built-in way of making sure that complete stop with always be there, every time?

In steps the Forward Emergency Braking System, a part of the Nissan Intelligent Safety Shield Technologies. This innovative available safety feature you can utilize in an Altima gives your vehicle that extra edge of detection it needs, automatically applying the brakes when detecting an object in front of you set for an impending collision.

This, along with the multitude of other safety technology you can find choose from, makes the Nissan models at Team Nissan North very intriguing options, as the peace of mind you can get with these vehicles simply can’t be questioned. We invite you to give us a call or stop in to learn more, and explore all of our new Nissan lineup in the meantime.

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