Storm Clouds are No Match for the Nissan Rogue

The vehicle you operate needs to be equipped to handle anything, even if the storm seems to be following you everywhere you go. The Nissan Rogue is more than ready for the mission, and is a vehicle here at Team Nissan North that you are going to want to take note of.

Thunder, lightning and the downpour of rain are no match for the Rogue, which features Intuitive All-Wheel Drive. This innovative system allows your vehicle to sense when traction has disappeared, and reapply when necessary to keep you in complete control at all times. This will come in handy when you’re faced with less than ideal conditions, and need to continue right on through.

Even in the direst of weather, the Rogue is looking out for you. It is a stormproof option we invite you to come check out here at our dealership, where you will be able to utilize some of the other amazing standard features in this vehicle for yourself.

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